Golden Rock Studios Review

Introduction to Golden Rock Studios

Established in 2018 by Will Mathieson, Golden Rock Studios is still a young gaming studio. However, it has managed to make itsmark in the iGaming sector within these few years. Slots are the key game category of Golden Rock Studios. Since its inception, Golden Rock Studios has made sure that itonly releases high-quality games to the market. As a result, it has just 21 games now. However, every game shows the amount of hard work and time that has gone into its creation.

In this brief review of Golden Rock Studios, we will look at its history, its collection of games, and how it is making a difference in the world of online gambling. We will also discusshow it has become one of the best developers in the business despite just a few years of experience. Let’s find out more about Golden Rock Studios.

History of Golden Rock Studios

The journey of Golden Rock Studios began in 2018 in Gibraltar. By that time, several online casino game providers had already made their mark. It was quite a challenge for Golden Rock Studios to carve a niche for itself in the face of steep competition.

However, Golden Rock Studios had one thing that many other studios don’t: a strong and determined leader. Will Mathieson, the founder of Golden Rock Studios, is a renowned name in the online gaming space. Before establishing Golden Rock Studios, he was the William Hill CPO. He established his name in the circuit even before he founded Golden Rock Studios.

Under the able leadership of Mathieson and with the help of a dedicated team, Golden Rock Studios soon grew to be one of the best in the business. The company continues to grow, and Mathieson is still in charge.

Golden Rock Studios Top Games

Games are the identity of any gaming studio. When we talk about the game collection of Golden Rock Studios, we need to keep several things in mind. First, the company has not had much time to work on an extensive collection of games. Second, slots are the highlight of Golden Rock Studios. Although there are several card games, there are a lotmore slots. In terms of innovation and quality, the slots are superior to the card and table games.

Golden Rock Studios has managed to be so successful in such a short time because it has focused only on a relatively small number oftitles. The company did not bite more than it could chew, and in the process, it has given us some of the best casino games currently available. Some of the leading titles from Golden Rock Studios are The Dream Machine, Big Bad Beasts, All About Christmas, and Book of Heroes. Among the table games, Roulette X2, Roulette X5, and Classic Blackjack are quite popular.

Overall, the game collection of Golden Rock Studios will not disappoint you. It is not the best in the market, but it has loyal followers who appreciate the aesthetics and innovation of all of Golden Rock Studios titles.

Golden Rock Studios Notable Awards

Having awards is a good way for gaming studios to establish a brand presence. Unfortunately, Golden Rock Studios has not yet won any major awards. However, the reasons are not the quality of the titles or something else regarding the games. Asthe company is still very young, it has not got adequate representation in the big stages. Once that starts to happen, we can expect Golden Rock Studios to winmany prestigious awards in the online casino gaming circuit. For now, we must wait and see how the future unfolds for Golden Rock Studios.

Golden Rock Studios Summary

The first thing that strikes us about Golden Rock Studios is the fact that itis a very promising gaming studio. Despite not having years of experience and in the face of intense competition, it has managed to make a name for itself. The game collection is also good. Overall, Golden Rock Studios is doing a great job with slots and table games. We can expect this gaming studio to go places in the future.