Avail The Opportunity To Earn ₹1M In New Conan Video Slot

Avail The Opportunity To Earn ₹1M In New Conan Video Slot

Are you an enthusiastic gambler who used to play different games to experience something new every time? If yes, then there is great opportunity for you. The very popular gambling site LeoVegas brings the marvelous opportunity to play highly exciting and rewarding Conan Video Slot and win about ₹1M.

Start Collecting Tickets To Earn More

Play the new Conan Video Slot at LeoVegas India and gather tickets as possible for the prize draw. It will provide you an excellent reward by offering one free chance at 50,000 INR every day. Wondering how to collect these tickets and what are its terms & conditions? Not to worry. You’ll get the answer to all these questions in this post.

– Every 100 INR you play on this slot game will provide you 1 ticket for a cash prize draw. To determine your performance and ticket status, check the leaderboard where progress is displayed in real-time. Keep in mind that just a complete number of tickets is considered for the prize draw. For example, if you manage to collect 2.3 tickets, then it will be counted as only 2.

So, What Is In The Cash Draw Prizes?

The awesome cash draw prizes consist of a huge amount of money – ₹800,000. The list of winners will be provided on the 4th of October. In this draw, the following cash prizes are provided –

20 prizes of 1,000 INR

14 prizes of 2,500 INR

10 prizes of 5,000 INR

10 prizes of 10,000 INR

8 prizes of 15,000 INR

2 prizes of 25,000 INR

2 prizes of 50,000 INR

1 prize of 75,000 INR

1 prize of 150,000 INR

One Free Chance For Everyday Win

This rewarding promotion offers 1 Cash Free Spin daily. To trigger this spin, go on the “My Offers” page of the LeoVegas site. You can use this spin to play a new Conan video slot. A winner, who gets the highest coin win from this Cash Free Spin, is offered a brilliant cash prize of a big amount 50,000 INR.

Select ‘Yes’ To Participate In This Promotion

So, you have gathered all the basic details of this promotion and are fully excited to play online casino game – Conan Video Slot. Just wait for a second. Before you start with the gameplay, make sure that you click on ‘Yes’ for communications in your account settings to participate in this amazing promotion.


Before you participate in Conan video slot promotion at this award-winning online Indian casino, there are some things that you must know. This promotion is valid from 16:30 on the 30 September until 03:29 on the 4 October 2019 only for registered players. Real as well as bonus money is counted towards this promotion.