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Customer Service - A Casino's Most Important Feature?
Ever experienced the aggravation of trying to contact a business and are met only with dead ends and busy signals at every turn?  Not much fun - especially when it's your hard-earned money at stake!  When it comes to choosing an online casino, it's important to know that their support team is working, and will be on-hand to assist you when needed.  Before you play, read through the website's Support/Customer Service/Contact Us section and see what contact methods are available.  The more ways to reach them - by toll free phone, e-mail, "live" chat and fax - the better!  And it can't hurt do a test just to see how they respond:  Are the phone operators knowledgeable, polite and eager to assist you?  Is your e-mail replied to in a timely matter, with "personal" responses as opposed to trite form letters?  Does the live chat option actually work?  A trial run is a fantastic way to find out just how much the casino values YOU as a customer!  Also, do they speak your native language?

Take the time to check out a casino's customer service before you play.  You'll be glad you did.  The Gambling Links Network's own Nikki has reviewed most of the web's casinos, and found the list below to excel at providing quality, responsive customer service:

Casino Name Customer Service Type
PartyCasino 24x7 Toll Free and Email
Miami Bingo Casino 24x7 Live Help and Email


  Game Rules

Poker Hands - Need a Refresher?
The essence of Poker is that the player builds a hand from 5 cards.  After the initial round of betting the player may discard some or all of their cards and receive replacements.  The players cards should never be revealed until the final showdown, and are only then if absolutely necessary. During the game, all cards are dealt and discarded face down.

Do you know your Poker hands?  Here's a refresher from our friends at Miami Bingo Casino:

Rank Hand Name Description of hand Example
1 Royal Flush A, K, Q, J, 10 of same suit 10S, JS, QS, KS, AS
2 Straight Flush Five cards of same suit in sequence 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D
3 4 of a kind Four cards of the same rank 7S, 7C, 7D, 7H
4 Full House Three of a kind plus a pair 3D, 3S, 3C, KS, KH
5 Flush Five cards of the same suit 3H, 7H, 10H, QH, AH
6 Straight Five cards in sequence 5C, 6D, 7C, 8H, 9S
7 3 of a kind Three cards of the same rank JH, JS, JD
8 2 Pair Two pairs of different rank 5H, 5S, 9C, 9S
9 1 Pair Two cards of the same rank AS, AD

Looking for a good place to play poker?  Online 1997, PartyCasino is currently offering 100 percent matching bonus of up to $500 on "initial" deposits is that claiming the full bonus doesn't require you put up the full $500 the first time you visit, the bonuses are based on your first four deposits..


U.S. To Clarify Intl Agreement To Reaffirm Online Gambling Ban
05/29/07  (AP) - The United States will use a World Trade Organization procedure to clarify its ban on online gambling, a U.S. trade representative said Friday. (READ MORE)

Online Gambling Ban Reconsidered
05/29/07  (Reuters) - U.S. Rep. Barney Frank is considering a bill to repeal a ban imposed last year on online gambling, said a spokesman for the lawmaker on Wednesday (READ MORE)

U.S. Ban On Web Gambling Rejected
05/29/07  (Bloomberg News) - The U.S. ban on offshore Internet gambling payments is illegal, the World Trade Organization said yesterday, upholding a decision that allowed for sanctions. (READ MORE)

  Gambler's Focus

Slots Myths Debunked!
Today, we look at three popular myths seen all too often when playing the slots, both online and in land-based casinos:

If I had only played that machine a little longer, I would have hit that jackpot instead of him!
Because of the random number generators located in all modern slot machines, and their online counterparts, the possible symbol combinations are constantly changing.  To achieve the same results, both players would have had to hit the spin button at the exact same millisecond (that's 1/1000 of a second).

If I had pulled the handle instead of pushing the spin button, I would have hit something big!
Whether you press the spin button or pull the handle has no bearing on the outcome of a spin, especially when playing the online slots.  In a land-based casino, the handle is nothing more than a connection to the switch which operates the spin button.  In an online casino, both the handle and button on a slot machine trigger one line of code in the game's software that tells the wheels to spin.

That machine just hit.  It will not not produce another jackpot for a long time!
Although the laws of probability dictate that the longer a machine is played the closer it gets to paying off a jackpot, it is equally likely that a jackpot could hit at any time, including the very next spin.

Ready to play some slots?  Our winners list shows the progressive jackpot slots as popular, fun, and profitable!  Play your favorite slots games at Miami Bingo Casino, PartyCasino, and .

  Special Alerts

New Link Category Added
We've added a new link category to our extensive links database called 'Most Popular Secure Casinos'.  Each month, we track what Gambling Links Network users are clicking on most often, and placing those links in this special category.  Only casinos with a high level of quality end up in this category.  If you are looking for the best casinos, with the most impressive new user bonuses, cut to the chase and take a look at the 'Most Popular Secure Casinos'.

Omni Casino Crowns Their 'Queen of Blackjack'
Omni Casino player 'Bobbie' won the Grand Prize vacation to the Blue Waters Hotel in Antigua in their 5th Annual '21 Days of Christmas' Blackjack Tournament.  The tournament was held December 21st through the 23rd, and any registered user with Omni Casino software was able to particiapte.  'Bobbie' battled for the crown from a field of 290 participants playing over 60,000 hands and accounting for over 18,000 total minutes at the blackjack table.  The tournament organizers would like to thank all those who participated and look forward to providing years more of gaming excitement to all of our loyal players.  Omni Casino holds regular tournaments for many games, giving away cash, trips, and prizes to the lucky winners.  Visit Omni Casino, download their excellent software, and find out when the next tournament is!

  Casino Travel

Las Vegas Entertainment Report by NJoy Travel
Our pals at NJoy Travel just got back from a leisurely week in Las Vegas checking out the sights and scenes.  Here's their report on what's happening in the casino capital of the world:

"The water ballet show outside at the Bellagio is NOT to be missed.  Fabulous and moving music set to synchronized shooting water cannons was really emotional, especially to America the Beautiful.  The High Rollers Card Salon staff at the RIO was very accommodating and friendly, and their daily 'sky show'  in the main casino was very entertaining with lots of 'fun' music and colorfully decorated dancers on stage and also dancing in the circulating brightly colored 'sky floats.'  The casino at the Paris Hotel was very elegant and the Parisian 'bellboy' costumes on the wait staff was also bright, attractive and authentic looking.  The shopping at the Desert Palms mall at the Aladdin was plentiful with lots of shops running great sales."

Click here for casino-related travel information, articles, and travel specials

  Your Opinion

Casino Software - What's in a Name?
As you might know, online casinos are made up up complex software specifically designed for playing games.  A number of companies like Cryptologic, PlayTech, and Boss Media exist for the sole reason of developing this gaming software.  While some online casinos develop their own software, many casinos and sportsbooks take existing software, customize it, and offer it to you with their own unique features.  Does it matter where your favorite online casino gets their software from?  You be the judge!  Try out the trusted sites below, and compare your favorites.  Do they use the same software?  If they do, you might have found which software developer's games you prefer.  It can give you added decision-making power when looking for a new online casino to play at!


Casino Name:  PartyCasino
Software Type:  PartyGaming
Current Promotion: 
100 percent matching bonus of up to $500 on "initial" deposits is that claiming the full bonus doesn't require you put up the full $500 the first time you visit, the bonuses are based on your first four deposits.

Casino Name:  Miami Bingo Casino
Software Type:  Real Time Gaming
Current Promotion: 
250% Initial Deposit Bonus (Use coupon MBC250) The best bonus on the Internet! Receive a 250% BONUS on your initial Deposit FREE! Deposit $50 to $250 and get a 250% bonus up to a maximum of $500

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